E-2000™ Interlock

The E-2000™ LED is a further development of the E-2000™ connector system, which offers a high quality optical as well as an electrical connection within the same construction. Thanks to the additional transmission of an electrical signal, this connector system permits a remote control of the network. This way the E-2000™ LED extra grants an ideal protection against uncontrolled laser radiation by switching off the light source as soon as the connector is unmated. All of the features, users have come to expect from the E-2000™ family, are available from the E-2000™ LED, including: ease of installation, integrated caps, colour coding, mechanical keying and vibration resistance.

Standard, modular designed E-2000™ LED mating adapters with a special mounting bracket suitable for PCB application. The innovative design offers: - spring-loaded metal protection shutters - high precision alignment sleeve (zirconia) - interchangeable colour- and mechanical-coded frames. Following colours are available: Green, blue, black, red, orange, yellow, white, violet.
Diamond E-2000™ LED components are also EtO sterilizable.