The DIAMOND Network Acceptance (DNA) Kit is an FBG-based (Fiber Bragg Grating), easy-to-use testing system for fiber-optic P2P networks. The system provides the capability of a clear Optical Line Identification (OLiD), thanks to the integration of FBGs within connectivity components. This allows the line integrity and link correctness to be checked from a single access point. OLiD is a technically valuable and efficient alternative to the time-and resource-consuming red-light examination method. The system does not interfere with the standard telecom P2P operating bandwidth, therefore it can also be used on lines that are already active. OLiDs can be written into many different standard FO components, e.g. UGTs (optical transition adapters),

pigtails or patch cords that can be temporarily or permanently installed both in the Central Office (CO) or on Optical Termination Outlets (OTO), as well as wherever the application would require.

The DNA Kit is designed for multiple-use and contains a practical cleaning and inspection kit for maintenance.



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